Mt. Zion Christian Cemetery

1562 Clermontville-Laurel Road
New Richmond, Ohio

Gravesite Costs with Rules and Regulations


       Currently lots and graves sell according to the following fee schedule:


1 (one) grave      $550.00                      Lot (8 graves)   $4400.00


 Graves may not be resold. If graves are no longer needed the lot owner may do one of the following:

  • Transfer graves to relatives with proof of deed and approval by the Cemetery Board.
  • Return graves to cemetery as a donation for resale.  Resale proceeds will be used for perpetual care of all cemetery lots.
  • Return graves to cemetery for the original purchase price at the discretion of the board.




Mt. Zion Christian Church Cemetery

In addition to, and in accordance with

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 517

The following guidelines/rules have been adopted by the Association in an effort to maintain a uniformity of order and respect for our loved ones.

With your help, we hope to continue maintaining

Mt. Zion Cemetery in a manner pleasing to all.



  • Cemetery is open from dawn to dusk every day
  • Vehicles shall remain on paved roads and obey all signs
  • No large vehicles permitted, (10,000# GVW max.)
  • Visitors shall conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times.
  • To maintain a uniform appearance; all mowing and general maintenance/upkeep shall be performed by cemetery personnel only. No mowing of individual graves/lots is permitted.



  • All gravesites must be paid in full before internment.
  • Gravesites may not be resold.
  • Gravesites no longer needed/wanted, may be sold back to the cemetery for original purchase price.
  • No “reserving” of gravesites without payment in full.
  • Upon death of the recorded owner, any remaining grave/s shall pass to the legally designated beneficiary/s. It shall be the beneficiary/s responsibility to provide proof of same prior to any internments.



  • Burials:
    • All burials require a concrete or metal, approved vault.
    • Opening/closing shall be by cemetery employee/designee at current rate.
  • Cremations:

§         All cremation internments require an approved/non deteriorating vessel.

§         Opening/closing shall be by cemetery employee/designee at current rate.

§         No more than two cremations may occupy a full size gravesite.

§         No more than one cremation may be added to an existing burial.


Monuments: (headstones, plaques, markers, etc.)

  • All monuments must meet cemetery guidelines.
  • All monuments shall be of granite, marble, or bronze, be respectful and non offensive in design and inscription, conforming to cemetery standards.
  • All monuments shall be at aisle end of grave, not exceed width of grave/graves, not exceed 16” in depth, and 36” in height.
  • Monuments not at “isle end” of grave must be “flush” with ground to facilitate mowing.
  • Request for “exceptions” may be presented to Board for consideration.
  • Cemetery sexton shall be contacted prior to ordering for size/placement approval.
  • All monuments shall have a foundation installed by cemetery employee/designee.
  • Cemetery will not be responsible for vandalism, theft, or normal deterioration.




  • With the exception of permanent monuments, all other items are considered “temporary” or “seasonal”.
  • Decorations/Adornments shall be placed so as not to impede mowing, trimming, or normal maintenance. Ideally this is either on the headstone or at the ends. Front and back of stones should be kept clear to facilitate mowing/trimming.
  • Trees, bushes, shrubs, decorative stone/s, timbers, fencing, lights, wires, and other such items are not permitted.
  • Glass and other breakable items are not permitted.
  • Decorations/adornments will be removed without notice; if they are deemed deteriorated, unsightly, obstructing maintenance, or violating guidelines.
  • All decorations will be removed twice yearly as noted: six weeks prior to Memorial Day and six weeks after Labor Day, and discarded. Any items wishing to be kept should be removed prior to these dates.
  • Cemetery will not be responsible for damage to or loss of, non-allowed or improperly placed, decorations/adornments.



Thank you for your support in the preservation of Mt. Zion Cemetery

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